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Dragon Con photos 2016

Dragon Con photos 2016

Pictures include but are not limited to:
* Amish folk
* Disney's UP guy and balloons
* Portal Companion Cube and Cake
* Tremors guys with graboids
* Various manifestations of the Marriott Marquis carpet
* Cosplay of the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel
* Lots of Mad Max, Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa, War Boys, Wasteland Warrior Women.
* The Humungus (Road Warrior)
* Disney princesses
* Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.
* Hoban "Wash" Washburne from Firefly/Serenity impaled
* Star Wars Cantina Band
* Empire Strikes Back Ice Cream Maker Guy ("Willrow Hood")
* Star Trek Redshirts (Original Suicide Squad)
* Neil Gaiman's The Sandman (Morpheus, Lord of Dreams)
* Jan in a Pan from Mystery Science Theater 3000 "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"
* Robby the Robot
* Comic book artist/writer Mike Grell
* Kylo Ren
* That 11-foot model Enterprise that was in the back of the Trek Track room AmericasMart Building 2 Floor 4 Room 204-DE
(For the fan film Star Trek: First Frontier)
* My own Fin Shepard costume (Sharknado Chainsaw Guy with 9-foot plush shark) (Saturday)
* My own 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith costume (Sunday)


My Dragon Con 2014 Photo Album

It took a little while to sort through all the pictures I took and pick out my favorites, but here they are:
Looking for photos of my Sharknado Chainsaw Guy with 9-foot plush shark ensemble, on Sunday. For reference, here's the shark chillaxin' on the couch with a beer getting ready to watch Sharknado 2 back in July.

Some photos I took this year:

Comparison: Looking up in Marriott Marquis and the scene in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
Better Call Saul and Jesse from Breaking Bad - Hyatt

Xenomorph, Marriott Marquis - right after the 10am Keith DeCandido Alien panel.
Space Marine with Facehugger friend, Marriott Marquis, 11:15AM.
Atari 2600 Adventure Guy, Marriott Marquis 5PM.
Sleestak (Marriot Marquis before the 5:30PM Land of the Lost cast panel)
Land of the Lost cast panel, 5:30PM Marriott Marquis. Wesley Eure (Will), Kathy Coleman (Holly), Philip Paley (Chaka), and an unnamed Sleestak.

Parade from atop 7-story parking garage. Hearse (as it happens, driven by Reverend Andy)
Airship races Westin.
Larry Niven panel 4pm Hyatt.
A whole bunch of Deadpools, 8:30pm, Hilton

Max Headroom, Hyatt.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman, Dealers Room, AmericasMart.

Dragon Con 2013 - Airship Wars

Some photos and a video I took at Saturday's First Annual Airship Wars in the Alternate History (Steampunk) track at the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

More here.

On Sunday, I was costumed as The Fly (1950s version, with prop. If anyone got any photos of that, please send me a link!).
I just posted about 1700 dragoncon photos to flickr here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/nraupach/sets/72157631608847116

Hope you like!

On a side note, this was my first DragonCon.  I took a photo of just about every costume and cosplayer I saw for 3 days, and yet I only photographed a tiny sliver of all the great costumes.  DragonCon is by far the best, most enjoyable, friendly event I've been to.  Looking forward to being a regular attendee.  Woot!

My Dragon*Con 2012 photos

I'm tardy to the photo party because I keep forgetting livejournal exists, but I posted my photos on my website, as well as here on facebook and on Google+ here!


My Dragon*Con Photo Gallery

My Dragon*Con 2012 photo gallery is finally up at:  http://coppermine.milamberrex.com

Note:  Due to being on a crutch this year due to a bulging disk resulting in back pain and difficulty using my left leg, there are no CosPlay pix this year, only panels.

DragonCon 2012 Photos

My DragonCon 2012 Pictures are up, mostly costume contests and panels.

I also have 12 Years of DragonCon photos available.

Creepy Ponies + Ash Ketchum

Looking for pictures of my little group. :)

Ash Ketchum (w/ badges and Pikachu)

Saturday & Sunday
'Cupcakes' Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena/"Multi-pony" & Slendermane/Slenderpony (usually together, but we also had a lot of individual pics taken)

Reference pics:

My pictures are here! :)


Photos from Dragon*Con 2012

Here are my photos from this year. Mainly costumes, live shows, and the parade.